Site Policies


Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates; At the first gate, ask yourself, is is true? At the second gate ask, is it necessary? At the third gate ask, is it kind?

Two out of three ain’t bad, though. Your comments can be true and kind but not strictly necessary, necessary and kind but (maybe) not (quite) true, and, when needs must be, true and necessary but not necessarily kind. Also consider taking controversial subjects like ritual infant cannibalism out of the public threads. If you know very well that the subject is way outside the Overton window, it’s probably not a good idea to discuss it here. JBISBIVFHA thanks you for your cooperative acquiescence to our tyrannical terms of discourse.

(Inspired by the Slate Star Codex comments policy.)


Don’t post anything here you wouldn’t be okay with seeing next to yourself on the JumboTron. And while we do have SSL going, if the Russians or the DNC are after you, we can’t help you, and at the very least your ISP is going to know that you wanted to see these pages. You could try a VPN, but then they’re going to know. You might have a shot at full anonymity if you use something like Tor. Maybe. There are gotchas even then. Be careful out there.